Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
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Welcome To RPI

Over 75 years of engineering heritage underpins our rotary innovation and reputation as a leading supplier of precision instruments for applications where high angular accuracy and axis geometry is in high demand.


Calibration and Precision Angular Positioning

Rotary devices for angular and rotational calibration of precision instruments or precise angular positioning of components to 0.00027 degrees, 1 arc second or 0.0000047 radians

Turbine Rotor Measurement and Assembly

iMAP The definitive system for productivity improvement in Turbine Rotor Assembly

Coordinate Measurement Machines

The Quadrant range of precision rotary axis specifically developed for any high precision Coordinate Measuring Machine

Circular Geometry

Specialist machines designed to measure roundness, mechanical runout, electrical runout, and other circular geometry in a shop floor environment


Service and Calibration

RPI provides comprehensive factory or on-site after service and calibration for all RPI, Eimeldingen, Airmatic, Horstmann, OMT and third party rotary products.


RPI’s products are built to deliver new levels of accuracy, flexibility and performance over a wide range of calibration and inspection applications.

Our unique capability is in high loads: we can work with products upwards of 30 tonnes whilst offering the precision required in industries such as aerospace and power generation.

About Us

Rotary Precision Instruments (RPI) is the world’s leading specialist developer and manufacturer of precision positioning devices for high accuracy rotary and angular inspection systems.

RPI has a fantastic team of 22 professional, skilled staff with over 230 years of combined experience. Working together, we ensure our products at the forefront of rotational innovation and our customer service is second to none.


RPI is a UK based company which has a long established reputation as a specialist developer of high precision rotary devices for inspection and manufacturing systems.