Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
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Calibration and Precision Angular Positioning

Industries requirement to rotate and position components to ever increasing accuracies require positioning devises and instrumentation to operate an order higher to not only achieve these accuracies but to verify performance via calibrations traceable to international standards.

RPI is not only a world leader in the supply of these very high precision positioning devices but design and manufacture equipment capable of verifying their performance with angular positioning capabilities of less than 0.00027 degrees, 1 arc second or 0.0000047 radians and radial geometry of less than 0.0001mm.

Turbine Rotor Measurement and Assembly

Fully understanding components geometry prior to assembly is critical when faced with the ever growing environmental pressures and increasing fuel prices. The significantly more reliable measurement data collected by iMAP enables rotor stacking software to accurately manipulate component parts, resulting in precisely aligned rotor assemblies. iMAP has been independently verified and proven to offer our customers significant operational improvements over their traditional measurement methods.

Coordinate Measurement Machines

The Quadrant range of precision rotary axis have been specifically developed as an additional axis for any high precision Coordinate Measuring Machine to simplify the measurement of symmetrical or prismatic components including scanning applications by simplifying your measuring procedures, increasing your CMM’s application range and effective measuring volume which in turn increases the flexibility, productivity and efficiency of your CMM.

Cylindrical Form Measurement Machines

Large volume form measurement to optimise your inspection process designed specifically to be fully compatible with any shop floor environment whilst maintaining unrivalled accuracies.