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Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
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Coronavirus update from MD Peter Marchbank

19 March 2020


Dear Colleague,

At RPI, we have been monitoring the Coronavirus situation and preparing for the impact that this virus may have on our manufacturing. We are of course implementing all government recommendations and have developed some of our own in order to minimise the risk to our employees, customers and suppliers  and reduce the impact on our rate of production.

We have already implemented several precautions in order to try and slow down the spread of the virus. These precautions include promoting thorough hand washing and encouraging self-isolation (where necessary). We are reviewing our policies daily and keeping up to date with government advice on this matter. Let me reassure you that RPI is continuing to design, develop, and manufacture our range of rotary tables.

We have taken the decision to postpone all non-essential travel for the time being. Whilst a difficult decision, I feel this implementation is an important measure in protecting the health and welfare of our staff, customers and business partners. While we will still be available through conference or telephone call, we apologise for any disruption to servicing and assure you that this will be rectified when it is safe for these measures to be lifted.

This is a challenging time for UK manufacturing and be assured that we will let you know if there are any changes at RPI over the coming months.

Kind regards,


Peter Marchbank

Managing Director

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