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Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
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Product Videos

QuadSlimLine integrated to Wenzel LH108NG CMM

An RPI QuadSlimLine 800MBSR2 rotary table integrated with a Wenzel LH108NG coordinate measuring machine via Renishaw’s UCC S5 controller and Modus software enable a European aerospace giant to measure blisk blades, saving up to 40% in inspection time.

AB300M demonstration (Taicho Trading)

A demonstration of RPI’s world famous AB300M air bearing rotary table which offers ultra-precise rotary performance of less than 0.1um.

iMAP (Integrated Measurement and Assembly Platform)

The definitive system for productivity improvement in Turbine Rotor assembly

Fully understanding components geometry prior to assembly is critical when faced with the ever growing environmental pressures and increasing fuel prices. The significantly more reliable measurement data collected by iMAP enables rotor stacking software to accurately manipulate component parts, resulting in precisely aligned rotor assemblies. iMAP has been independently verified and proven to offer our customers significant operational improvements over their traditional measurement methods.

Aerospace trends and challenges show that significant long term investment by the leading manufacturers and operators are required to support the rapidly growing global demand for these engines with some of the big changes already underway.

i72 DiamondStandard

The i72 DiamondStandard has been designed to be a fully flexible system capable of operation in 4 orientations including horizontal, vertical or even upside down to cope with all manner of rotary axis applications and is fully compatible with any shop floor environment whilst maintaining world class accuracies more commonly seen in the standards laboratory.

QuadSlimLine 600MBSR2 shown at Farnborough air show

A QuadSlimLine 600MBSR2 integrated with a Mitutoyo CMM and Renishaw Revo system for the measurement of blisk components shown at Farnborough air show.