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Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
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Turbine Rotor Measurement and Assembly Platforms


Integrated Turbine Rotor Measurement and Assembly Platforms

Improve productivity and achieve higher levels of quality by reducing inspection times and the need for costly teardowns due to inefficient rotor assembly.

Typical applications include:

  • Measure large circular parts such as slewing bearings and optical assemblies for all makes and sizes of aircraft engines and industrial gas and steam turbines.
  • Monitor Electrical Runout (ERO) of large rotating shafts.
  • Calculate circular geometry including roundness, eccentricity, diametral and planar runout, flatness and parallelism.

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Why choose RPI?

1. Fully Automated – A motorised axis improves stability and reduces human error resulting in gauge repeatability and reproducibility (Gauge R&R) improvements of 10 x for runout and 3.5 x for concentricity measurements over manual systems.

2. Extensive Range – Our product range covers all aircraft engine parts from 20 – 5000kg to the largest land-based gas turbine disks weighing 15,000kgs and above.

3. Widespread Adoption –We are experts in the measurement of rotors and disks with hundreds of installations worldwide.

4. The Full Picture – We give you 4 x more inspection data collected than the competition, meaning you can truly understand the shape of your component parts and assemblies.

5. Fully Optimised Rotor Assembly – Our IntelliStack software is designed to optimise rotor assembly for minimum runout or un-balance or export our inspection data directly to your own stacking software.

6. All Inclusive – Full control to change and create your own inspection templates, as well as the flexibility to share inspection data with your customers and suppliers to enable decisions to be made quickly.


iMAP is the definitive system for productivity improvement in turbine rotor assembly for large volume and heavy loads such as passenger jets and gas turbines.


Measurement Capacity:

  • Maximum measurement volume up to Ø3,600mm x 6,000mm
  • Maximum load capacity up to 35,000kgs
  • Motorised axis


GeoSpin has been specifically developed for the measurement and assembly of smaller engines in the aerospace industry, such as short-haul and business jets.

Measurement Capacity:

  • Maximum measurement volume up to Ø1,600mm x 2,400mm
  • Maximum load capacity up to 1,500kgs
  • Manual spin (optional power spin)