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Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
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High Precision Angular Positioning, Calibration and Geometry Inspection

Ultra precise rotary tables intended for fine inspection, metrology and test applications.

The GeoOrdinate has been designed specifically for the inspection of large and heavy components and is fully compatible with any shop floor environment whilst maintaining world class accuracies more commonly seen in the standards laboratory.

Measurement Capacity:

  • ArcMotion power driven axis
  • Sizes Ø400mm, Ø600mm, Ø800mm, Ø1000mm and Ø1500mm
  • Load capacities up to 7,000kgs
  • Zero backlash drive
  • Angular accuracy 2 arc seconds
  • Angular repeatability 0.5 arc seconds

Equivalent legacy products include: R Series, V Series, HX Series, MX Series