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Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
Leading the world in rotary measurement since 1940
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Shows optional Chuck and levelling platen

Manual Spin Rotary Table for Optimal Circular Geometry (TIR) Inspection

Inspect circular components in a shop floor environment whilst maintaining world class accuracies more commonly seen in the standards laboratory.

Measurement of small and medium sized round parts such as pinions and gears, gauges, bearings, aero engine components and optical assemblies.

Measurement Capacity:

 Measure Flatness, Parallelism, Runout, Concentricity, Eccentricity and Roundness*
Maximum load capacity 50 kgs
Free spinning by hand
Ø200 mm Table Top
Axial and Radial Runout of 0.001 mm
Radially adjustable Articulated Probe holder

Options and Accessories

 Single or double channel
Centring and levelling
Rotary encoder interface
Manual or automated data collection
FormCheck or Sylcom Data Processing Software
Generate inspection reports

*Requires optional software

2 channel system
Measure Flatness, Parallelism, Runout, Concentricity, Eccentricity and Roundness
Record temperature
Millimetres and Inch
View Results in data table, polar plot and line graph
Generate reports
Export csv files

Sylcom is the latest software product to be launched by Sylvac and has been designed to process information from instruments connected via Bluetooth® Wireless technology or via a USB cable.

Fully compatible with all standard M-bus modules.

The data can be saved in Sylcom and then exported to an Excel file.

Several features such as control plans, monitoring, statistics and SPC export are available.

Choose Sylcom Expert and connect up to 500 instruments via Bluetooth® to measure all liner dimension plus runout and concentricity via RPI’s TruMotion rotary table (Sylcom Expert special version required) in a single  measurement cell.

Calibrations follow RPI’s QD12-100 Calibration Notation and Procedures and conform to ISO230-1, 2, 7